MyBallroomLife.com (MBRL) is a website created by GMHC in support of the House and Ball Community (HBC) and the annual House of Latex Ball.

The members of the site can read about the latest in ballroom, vogue, politics, culture, music, entertainment, video showcases, agency workshops, groups, community postings and ballroom discussions.

In addition, the site also provides a resource guide and STI information page that provides viewers with a Directory on local clinics & shelters, community based organizations, and information on sexual transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS.

The website offers a video blog (The Luna Show) that follows ballroom’s own the
Legendary and Hall of Famer Luna Khan as he interviews HBC members on social
issues and personal history.

MyBallroomLife.com offers GMHC an innovative way to distribute social marketing campaigns such as their Community Promise Spotlight Stories which highlights personal testimonials from members of the HBC as well as I Love My Boo and Kiss and Tell campaigns.


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